Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Future............

We apologise to all our faithful band of Followers & Treasure Hunters for the Lack of any Blog for quite a while now but our lives have been so very busy what with our Brocante Antique Vintage French work and the other Project close to our hearts-the Future of our Dobermann Kennel here in France. 

As many of our regulars will know, we have built up our Pedigree Line here from new European stock after over 30 years combined Breeding,Showing & Judging experience back in the UK.and the Future is looking bright! So without further ado-let us introduce you to the Future.......

Our beautiful Dita presented us with this gorgeous litter three weeks ago and it's been all hands on deck ever since!
I have had to be content staying in and caring for these beautiful little people (oh such a terrible drudge!!)whilst John has been busy toiling away at the Brocantes,sending me photographic evidence of all that's available so I can say yay or nay via the computer and help him choose what to bring home for all our lovely while I'm not there in Body I'm certainly there on the end of a phoneline,isn't technology wonderful! I have to say he's doing good! He's doing REALLY good bless him!
Some Fantastic Tapestries found at the weekend....available on our Auction Site right now....

The effect is almost 3-D....Stunning!
Intermingled with a little gorgeousness.....Ooohhhh!
Obviously these Treasures are not on our Auction Site!
This will not be a long blog-as it's Feeding time soon,but just to say we havn't dissappeared-far from it.The blog will continue to be accessible from Links from Etsy,items are added daily....

And of course Halloween has been and gone again..... Beautiful Granddaughter decided to dress up as a Busy little Bee for her school Halloween beautiful did she look?!!
Anyway,must  fly myself,so we will be back soon on a more regular basis hopefully,filling you in with our news  and new items,in the meantime,wishing you all a good evening!