Friday, 27 January 2012

WHAT about my diet?!.............................

I have just returned from my visit to the UK to see my Gorgeous Grand-daughter Erin who miraculously took her first steps right infront of my eyes the first evening I was there-how precious was THAT!-and such perfect timing too! I guess it makes up for when she arrived into this world a year ago 5 weeks early and I missed it-having just returned to France at the time and feeling smug I'd got all my plans in place to be there early for the birth! Things never go quite to plan in this life do they?!
A visit to my parents was arranged whilst in the UK so my son & family all whizzed off to North Wales for the day for Sunday dinner at my mum's.I am on a serious diet after the Xmas Festivities-where,like a lot of people I suppose,I ate and drank far too much and am now paying the price.We had a lovely meal and everything was going great until she plonked the above home-made creation onto the table for Dessert.......Oh Nooooooooo!!!!-WHAT about my DIET??!!!
I asked how many Calories were in this Pink Pavlova masterpiece filled with fresh cream and topped with Fresh Strawberries & Raspberries and the reply came.."None-get it eaten"-so I did!................

Of course-not all of it-just this little morceau.........mmmmmmmmm!
I can proudly report that despite my weakness at not being able to decline a portion-I came back to France 4lbs not bad behaviour REALLY!
The site looks a little bare from my exodus last week,and poor John has had his hands full with the demon pup to look after and one of our oldies who hasn't been too well of late to care for,so yesterday I went rummaging, and the rest of the week will reveal what I have found in our boxes of keep your eyes open-you never know what will appear for your perusal!-Happy Treasure Hunting!......see you all soon!

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