Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Fan me cool please..................!

The weather has improved dramatically to the point it is now glorious, sunny & in the eighties every day this week! How appropriate then, that we should have some items on Auction which co-inside with this new heatwave.....Fab Retro 1950's sunglasses from France & Italy,a wonderful Straw Boater Hat & the most Exquisite Hand-held Fan in Silk with dazzling Mother of Pearl highlights........all part & parcel of the sevice of sourcing new and interesting objects for you all to ponder over!
                                       Very soon the Brocantes will come to a close and I was delving through some of the items bought much earlier in the season & saved for this very time of the year...gorgeous Art-Deco publications full of 1930's adverts and articles on Fashion styles of the lots of Fabrics & Textiles to tempt you with.....and not forgetting Vintage Costume Jewellery.......Christmas will be upon us soon enough...some wonderful & unique gift idea coming your way soon..............A Bientot!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Family must come first!.....................

Our young family came to visit for a few days with our gorgeous Grand-daughter so we had to make allowances and take some time to show them the sights. Good job we've got plenty of stock to call upon over the next few days to make up for our absence on the listing front!One of our favourite places is La Rochelle....simply brimming with wonderful architecture,shops,medieval churches etc.We all had a wonderful time,and of course the camera always comes with us-whether it be the SLR or simply the one that's built in the mobile here's some images to share with you..............what a shame the Museum of Flacon de Parfume was closed...............would have loved to have seen some of those scrumptious old perfume bottles!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

What lies within....................

........can you Imagine my expression when after purchasing an Art-Nouveau box on face value that caught my eye this weekend, & having only JUST got round to unloading my treasures out of the van (yes, it is now Tuesday!), I sat down & opened it this-morning to find it full to the brim with remnants of lace,Rosary Beads,a child's Broderie Sampler & faded silk ribbon amongst other delights including a newspaper cutting dating to 1886! The box will hopefully be listed in the next few days with its' beautiful pewter garnitures on each corner & hopefully the rest of its' little treasures will follow on.................never a dull moment here! (except for the persistent rainy weather which is really annoying me as I can't get outside in the garden to do my photographs!)

Monday, 12 September 2011

Growing in Stature......................

The weather here is definitely becoming less endearing of late......drizzly rain just reminds us of England! I love the sunshine, it seems to coat everything with a smile somehow don't you think?!...Our travels took us towards Limoges this weekend as we headed to the Airport to collect a young family member who has come to stay for a few weeks so we headed off to a Brocante along the way picking up more interesting finds to list very never ceases to amaze us what we will uncover...not least of all a Vintage French Umbrella......very appropriate at the moment! Meanwhile,our new recruit "Dita" continues to grow in stature as are our followers & most welcome customers.We love hearing all your stories as to why you collect the things you do from France,and immensley enjoy the continued messages of encouragement we receive..some of you are becoming real friends!We hope in the future somewhere to progress to a Website,but for now we shall keep it small & friendly-we like it that way!If you are looking for anything special or in particular,don't hesitate to let us know and we'll keep our beady eyes open for the meantime.......à bientôt!

Friday, 2 September 2011

DIVINE DAMSELS..............................

We have come across so many beautiful images of Art-Deco ladies recently we may soon put some prints on Auction whereby customers can frame them & therefore have totally unique Shabby-Chic french style to adorn the walls of their homes. Art-Deco design never ceases to fascinate us.Whilst living in England we specialised in Porcelaine & China & used to come across the most fabulous Teasets at Auction-wonderful shapes,Vivid hand-applied colours.We never intended to continue with Porcelaine,-taking a totally new change of direction of searching for the unusual & unique Vintage objets of interest but since being in France we have again come across many pieces of beautiful China & Porcelaine-they seem to seek us out! We are stockpiling for the winter months when the weather & end of season will prevent us from trawling the village Brocantes as they will cease to run soon....but be assured,there are plenty more treasures just waiting for their chance to say hello to our regular & new customers over the coming weeks & months!