Monday, 12 September 2011

Growing in Stature......................

The weather here is definitely becoming less endearing of late......drizzly rain just reminds us of England! I love the sunshine, it seems to coat everything with a smile somehow don't you think?!...Our travels took us towards Limoges this weekend as we headed to the Airport to collect a young family member who has come to stay for a few weeks so we headed off to a Brocante along the way picking up more interesting finds to list very never ceases to amaze us what we will uncover...not least of all a Vintage French Umbrella......very appropriate at the moment! Meanwhile,our new recruit "Dita" continues to grow in stature as are our followers & most welcome customers.We love hearing all your stories as to why you collect the things you do from France,and immensley enjoy the continued messages of encouragement we receive..some of you are becoming real friends!We hope in the future somewhere to progress to a Website,but for now we shall keep it small & friendly-we like it that way!If you are looking for anything special or in particular,don't hesitate to let us know and we'll keep our beady eyes open for the meantime.......à bientôt!

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