Friday, 2 September 2011

DIVINE DAMSELS..............................

We have come across so many beautiful images of Art-Deco ladies recently we may soon put some prints on Auction whereby customers can frame them & therefore have totally unique Shabby-Chic french style to adorn the walls of their homes. Art-Deco design never ceases to fascinate us.Whilst living in England we specialised in Porcelaine & China & used to come across the most fabulous Teasets at Auction-wonderful shapes,Vivid hand-applied colours.We never intended to continue with Porcelaine,-taking a totally new change of direction of searching for the unusual & unique Vintage objets of interest but since being in France we have again come across many pieces of beautiful China & Porcelaine-they seem to seek us out! We are stockpiling for the winter months when the weather & end of season will prevent us from trawling the village Brocantes as they will cease to run soon....but be assured,there are plenty more treasures just waiting for their chance to say hello to our regular & new customers over the coming weeks & months!

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