Tuesday, 13 September 2011

What lies within....................

........can you Imagine my expression when after purchasing an Art-Nouveau box on face value that caught my eye this weekend, & having only JUST got round to unloading my treasures out of the van (yes, it is now Tuesday!), I sat down & opened it this-morning to find it full to the brim with remnants of lace,Rosary Beads,a child's Broderie Sampler & faded silk ribbon amongst other delights including a newspaper cutting dating to 1886! The box will hopefully be listed in the next few days with its' beautiful pewter garnitures on each corner & hopefully the rest of its' little treasures will follow on.................never a dull moment here! (except for the persistent rainy weather which is really annoying me as I can't get outside in the garden to do my photographs!)

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