Wednesday, 14 March 2012

For Medicinal Purposes only..............

We rose with the Lark...and tootled off South to Charras on Sunday morning (yes,sorry, I know it's now Wednesday, but I've been very busy so far this week!)-to a large Brocante which we visited last year, & where these simply Gorgeous Large Medicine Bottles leapt out off a table to me screaming.."Buy Me,Buy Me"..(or perhaps more accurately....."Achetez-Moi,Achetez-Moi") ! Trouble was, with a heavy bag full of treasures in one hand & a very sticky & extremely moorish half-eaten Almond Chocolatine Croissant in the other hand, I was finding it a little difficult to negotiate. John was busy talking away to a friend he'd bumped into and I was desperate to grab these stunning piece before somebody else spotted them.Thankfully the Vendor spotted my dilemma (actually think he felt a bit sorry for me having a bit of a blonde moment) and rushed around to the front of his table to help.Eventually we struck a deal and I was thrilled with them but what a precarious walk afterwards around the stalls trying not to get them broken!
Stunning Art-Nouveau Decal............................
Glorious colour!.....................
It just amazes me what we find sometimes.....a never-ending variety of wondrous things.........the Amber coloured Bottles are equally as Beautiful..

Does anyone admit to remembering Sweets called "Spangles"?!..don't you think the stopper of this Bottle reminds you of the Orange ones?!!......................Stunning!
After the Brocante,but still early morning,we headed off home and stopped en-route to exercise the "Monster",who'd been catching up on her Beauty sleep in the back of the Van. We came across an unconventional looking Chateau in the throes of renovation but it was hard to get Photographs as there was a huge tree blocking the off we went through the peaceful expanse of forest opposite, to take Miss Dita to stretch her legs.......(if you go down to the woods're sure of a big surprise)....BLINKING HECK- What was THAT?!!!!.... We thought we were being shot at!!.. We'd only walked a hundred yards into the woods when shots rang out far too close for comfort, so the three of us  beat a VERY fast retreat back to the van...La Chasse was obviously in full swing ahead!

This weekend we are off to Paris, but sadly not for Brocanting.......we will let you know why next time..(?)...until then,be good-and don't forget to browse the Site,because we shopped till we dropped last weekend so we'd have plenty to list while we go away for the weekend.......


  1. I love the turquoise blue bottle - especially the Art Nouveau gold swirl around the label!

    rgds, Carol

  2. Wonderful bottles, it may look quite nice filled with spring flowers.

  3. oops Ladies-I never saw these comments but belatedly-Thanks very much for your most kind words!They were absolutely Fabulous wern't they?!