Thursday, 3 May 2012

Rain,Rain-GO AWAY!!...come again another day......

This was the Lane where I take Dita for a walk sometimes.....completely waterlogged......she WASN'T impressed....
and NEITHER was I-My wellies were LEAKING...........................!
well are you surprised after THAT lot?!
Well this-morning is a much brighter prospect than of late-yesterday was simply glorious and lots of washing & drying was done-and even Ironing,courtesy of our visitor James who's a dab hand at being helpful! 
The weekend saw quite a number of Brocantes in full swing despite the terrible forecast & whilst we got drowned at a few-also had a good day Tuesday where it was Bank Holiday here in France-Fete du Travail or Labour Day-well EVERY day is a Labour Day for us so it didn't make any difference!
We tootled off further south on Saturday to an advertised Brocante in Brousse-to find it wasn't actually taking place until May we travelled round a deserted village at 7am in the morning we realised someone was either having a laugh at our expense or had got it seriously wrong on the Internet! So we re-programmed the Satnav and had a a further tootle even further South and ended up at the Seaside!!!-IN THE RAIN!!.........................
This is the USUALLY Glorious beach of St.Georges de Didonne-a real suntrap and tourist destination-NOT THAT DAY!!
This was Dita's first-ever experience of the Sand & Sea................don't think she was THAT impressed somehow....!
and then she spotted her first-ever Seagull..........."Mummy-what's THAT?" ....!!!
She was a bit miffed when it flew away before she got chance to "play" with it..
So after depressing you all with the gloom and doom of Rainy Grey Days on the beach...I can brighten your spirits by telling you we have found plenty of lovely beautiful things for you all to ponder over.....

this Gorgeous Pelmet came from the house clearance of an Actress.....who was she we wonder?
Maybe her Initials were woven into this Wonderful Antique Textile?
I was lucky enough to obtain this Beautiful Item but wanted to delve further into her possessions for a clue-but the family photographs & paperwork were already being gone through by a dealer who has plonked himself in the back of the Vendor's van and wouldn't move or give way to anyone else so I had to leave it and delve through items which had already been put out for Sale......many of which will be making their way onto the site over the coming days-so have fun browsing mes amis!!


  1. I was just moaning that I was not in France this spring for a few vide greniers, after seeing this post I felt a bit better...

  2. Ha ha-it's been horrendously wet and windy and practically awful to be quite honest,and we have definitely needed wetsuits.My Ugg-type boots from last week are STILL drying out would you believe?!and despite the weather forecast being good today-guess what it did first thing this am?.....yes,RAIN....John is permanently mumbling..."I didn't buy a house in France for THIS"......LOL