Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Bleary-eyed & Blurred Vision............

It's getting harder & harder to drag ourselves out of bed at stupid-o'clock in the hunt for Treasures,and to be honest we have enough stock put by to warrant a lie-in at weekends,but it's the thought of  tracking down that elusive piece of  France that spurs us on.....and a few Espresso's later,I'm usually awake......I tend to fall out of the van at whatever destination we arrive at.....and can't seem to focus straight away.........!
France has too many tempting Patisseries-I am slowly munching my way into another dress size-and no amount of walking around Brocantes is going to cure it.....but when you havn't had time for breakfast,and a lovely Festive Window entices you's hard to resist!
and then when you get inside and bump into THIS guy,it kind of brings you to your senses.....
Yes-I've been good,I've been Very,very good! ....(except for the Tarte au Citrons......)
We travelled to three different Brocantes in three different areas this last weekend......and gradually,from being frozen to death at 6.00am, began to thaw out as the morning went on-it was positively beautiful by dinnertime with the wonderful blue skies....
we found lots of new and interesting things,many of which will trickle onto the site over the coming week. We bumped into an Antique Dealer friend of ours on our travels and he passed me these delightful Tiebacks out of the back of his van-I had bought a bagful from him the previous week when we'd met up to peruse through his latest stock and he'd forgotten to show me these in the depths of his he'd saved them just for me!-they're just so LUSH! 
We delved into our saved Treasures this past week and have listed most of our Stunning Church Altar Bougeoirs...we thought them very Festive and quite in keeping with this Emotive & Religious time of Year...
The Enamelled Piece is really something quite special..
the detailing is Amazing....

And so I'm working hard in preparation for a few days off next go Christmas Shopping...apparently .....I'm being taken to...... PARIS!!!!! (Woooooooh Hooooooo!)-Can you tell I'm excited?!!!

So I will remember to take my Camera ......and until Next Time...Au Revoir!

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