Sunday, 13 April 2014

Absence makes the heart grow Fonder.............!

Oh my goodness-we have been SOOOOO Busy! Our sincere apologies for the lack of any Blog for quite some time but we have been run off our feet with one thing and another-lots of Projects going on which have taken up most of our time for the best part of two weeks or more-mainly sourcing new items from Private collections and house clearances,however thismorning saw us up at the crack of Dawn again on the Treasure Trail in the South of our region,ooh I LOVE trawling round Brocantes-and there are certainly plenty to choose from at the moment!
This fantastic Ballustrade caught my eye on one of my return visits to the van thismorning,to offload my many I wish I could have popped it in my shopping trolly!......Simply Gorgeous!

We arrived just as it was getting light thismorning because I didn't want to spend hours out because today there's a certain football match I just HAD to get back home to watch!
Yesterday saw me and the gang getting in the grove ready to cheer our team Liverpool FC on in their match later thisafternoon at Anfield against Manchester City......which is paramount in deciding the winners of the Premiership.....of which we are currently the leaders.....

Team Talk in preparation for today.......

Anyway-back to business..........what a pleasant  journey to a lovely venue thismorning for the one major Brocante we decided to explore for Treasure-just WAIT till you see what we've found over the coming week-no clues,you will just have to scan our site on a daily basis,but we're very happy with what we've found...meanwhile some photos for your perusal....

Today I will be like a child in a sweetshop squealing with delight whilst I pull all the goodies out of the van to photograph! Especially one very Rare and special piece of Fabric for all you Antique Textile hunters...Ooooh-can't wait! I was drooling when I saw it-just HAD to have it.......!Hopefully will be listed later today.....but I have a football match to watch first......:0)

This charming French Bulldog was helping his owner sell it to me....!How adorable.......!

As the sun came up we stopped for an Espresso to wake us up......
then had a last mooch around...

then set off home,very satisfied with our many wonderful purchases.....which will all make their appearence at some point in the near future.I am nowhere near ploughing through the chosen items for last week,let alone today's, but they will all  surface EVENTUALLY!


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