Monday, 10 October 2011

Protection Suit whilst fighting for Bargains at Brocante.......!

....we had a tootle off down to a beautiful village South of Limoges this weekend called Saint Martin de Terressus where a French Working Trials Championship was taking place for dogs.We wanted some information for the future training of our youngster Dita- whose parents are Champions in both Beauty & Working. There was a stand run by the Army who had a demonstration of Vintage Protective clothing apparatus for both humans and Canines...........what I would give to get my hands on THAT!........

Dita took particular exception to the "dog"..............well I suppose in her little mind-it was slightly peculiar......especially when it didn't respond to her inquisitive sniffs..........which of course brought plenty of smiles to passers-by. Sunday morning it was up with the lark again (I HATE getting out of bed at 5am when it's getting chilly and it's so dark-much prefer to wallow under the duvet..) but of course when we reach our destination-a two hour drive North to a Brocante brimming with treasure just waiting to be discovered...I come to life.I dived into an old chest full of gorgeous Passementerie Trims and Textiles and I was seemed a very RED day yesterday! Well better get off and take some photographs or you'll never get to see it -will you?!


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