Wednesday, 19 October 2011

FALLEN ANGELS................

I honestly couldn't leave them behind.......whilst delving through house clearance items strewn all over the floor at the Brocante we visited on Sunday,I saw these two absolutely delightful casualties in the bottom of a box-they had been literally thrown in amongst other heavy objects and had had their wings "clipped" as a result-what an absolute travesty...I was heartbroken-I mean just LOOK at those angelic faces and delightful curls upon their bears a mark on the base similar to Meissen and they are a Pair. I am going to offer them for Auction at a silly starting price in the hope they find the home they deserve-where maybe they can be brought back to their former selves-I am all for rescuing poor souls who have suffered bad luck along the way in life...let's hope these Fallen Angels find their sanctuary......!

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