Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Ladies Paradise.........

A few months ago we sold this Stunning Antique French Lace & Lavender Silk Ribbon Bonnet.....nothing unusual in that you may say,but this beautiful Rare Bonnet will be on your television screen sometime in the future-as it went to the BBC to be used in a Period Drama Production based on a Novel by Ă‰mile Zola entitled "The Ladies Paradise"-adapted from the Original "Au Bonheur des Dames"-set in Paris in the 1890's.
Adapted for television by the writer Bill Gallagher (of Larkrise to Candleford fame) the BBC Version will be set in a Northern Town (we're led to believe Newcastle-upon-Tyne) and focuses on a Young Woman who finds herself homeless following the death of her father and who takes to the City to become a store clerk & subsequently discovers the joys and temptations of shopping (well I can certainly identify with THAT!)
But behind the beautiful Facade of the Department store of the same name-Ladies' Paradise-lies a world of Intrigue,Business and Power struggle................mmmmmm-will look forward to that! To say we are delighted that some of our items will be used in this Drama is an understatement!

so onwards we keep searching.............!
Meanwhile,Ribbons & Bows & more Lovely Antique Lace will be making its' way onto our site over the next week following our Wonderful discovery (or should I say John's clever discovery)....

delightful Narrow or Wide rolls..........

in Pastel Pinks.................................

collectable ensembles & wonderful labels..............
in all colours ,widths & fabrics - ideal for trimming!

Plenty of choice for all sorts of Sewing take a peek!
A Bientot!!


  1. Doesn't it make you feel great when something like that happens? Well done! I once sold a jabot to the V & A, but whether it's on show or not I don't know - but you'll see your special item on the screen!

    1. Hopefully we may but who knows?!there will be lots of Ladies wearing bonnets I'm sure-but it's lovely to think it's gone to a good home where it will be appreciated!

  2. The bonnet is gorgeous and how exciting to think it will be used in a BBC production, I will keep my eyes open for it.
    Jo xx

    1. Thanks Jo-we thought it lovely too-the Lavender Silk Ribbon trim was simply gorgeous!I will definitely need my glasses on to spot that on screen though!