Thursday, 5 April 2012

Let it Snow,Let it Snow,Let it APRIL?!

Opening the Bedroom curtains at 8.00 am yesterday morning in Pudsey,Leeds UK-I was greeted with THIS!
Staying overnight at my mother-in-Laws to pick up John's youngest son James and bring him back to France with me was proving rather difficult after my otherwise pleasant previous week of sunshine down in the Midlands where I had been over to visit My son & family! Firstly,the electric gate of Grandpa John's was stuck,weighed down with the weight of the previous night's snow and wouldn't open -so we couldn't get OUT! Secondly,the Leeds/Bradford Airport was in chaos due to the weather conditions and previous two days of strikes by French Air-Traffic controllers and flights were delayed all across the board.Oh it all comes to try us doesn't it?! We eventually got to the Airport and sat twiddling our thumbs after the proverbial reading of all the NewsPapers,Celebrity Gossip magazines etc so it wasn't the greatest start to the Journey home.THEN when we finally did get on the Plane,it was held up because apparently there were two people on it that shouldn't have been and there was yet another delay whilst the Captain asked us to all check that we were who it said we were on our boarding passes and that we were actually flying to Limoges!!!
Previously in the week, I had flown home as my poor son had to undergo Knee Surgery & was hobbling round on crutches whilst baby Granddaughter Erin had been admitted days later for possible hip surgery at the tender age of just 15 months-poor things didn't know how they were going to cope.But it all worked out nicely as Erin had to go under anasthetic but didn't actually have an op and came home with a cast to wear for 12 hrs every night for 3 months and son started to feel better once the swelling had gone down in his knee-which is why folks-there has been no Blog or new exciting listings to boot!
HOWEVER-John has saved the day because he went toddling off on his own last weekend and came back with the most marvelous array of new and exciting finds-I am so very proud of him-I have trained him WELL!
He'd chatted up a little old French Lady & charmed her into selling him a box of the most Exquisite Antique Laces...............
...which I can't WAIT to delve through and photograph for you...I was nearly in tears it's all so beautiful (see-he DOES take notice of what I search for & buy!)........
Stunning Copper Pans,Jewellery Boxes,Photo Frames,Figurines,Antique Shop signs............

I think I may be out of a Job soon if he carries on like this! So I am off to put some new batteries in the camera-keep a watch on our site,-all these new scrummy pieces will all be listed as soon as I can physically do so! A Bientot!

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