Monday, 8 October 2012

Family, Fun Days & Fair Weather.............

What a hectic week it's been! I can honestly say I've never felt so shattered-or so happy at the same time! My gorgeous son, his beautiful Fiancee and darling Granddaughter spent a week in the Charentes and we have been out & about most days with them trying to keep them occupied with the weather at this time of the year not guarantee'd but it gave a good account of itself especially on Friday when we all travelled down to La Rochelle for the day.

La Rochelle has to be one of my favourite-ever places,such stunning buildings,Architecture,shops,scenery-it has it all and the fact the temperature was in the 80's that day was just the icing on the cake.....Erin spent all day marvelling at the boats,the fishes swimming in the Harbour.....she was SUCH  good little girl-she certainly has more stamina than me!!

John had a field-day trying out his new Nikon Camera and all the Filters & Lenses.....he took some pretty good pics if I say so myself! He purposely took lots for me so I could use some for the Blog-I think be getting Paid for this by La Rochelle Council for doing their promotion work for them!.....

The only trouble was-he started becoming irritating following me around, I thought I'd got away without being seen munching the free piece of Handmade Nougat being offered to everyone out of a basket as they wandered past the shop.............apparently they'd all walked on ahead and had bets I couldn't resist....they know me SO well.....!

But hey-who cares when you're on holiday for the day!
The Hotel de Ville has been undergoing a Four-year renovation project...what stunning Features....

and still has another year to go-all I can say is Wow!
Would love to have taken this lot home with me!!!
Especially this ceiling!
or maybe this Staircase?!..
Meanwhile Erin and me-well, we just went strolling everywhere.......
 and when it got a bit tiring..........

Grandchildren are soooo Precious!
And so it was,that the wonderful day had to come to an end but it really WAS such a lovely time there-the sky really WAS that clear & Blue! (no-it wasn't a special Filter of John's!).We drove home,-stopping en-route to stock up with supplies and finished the Evening with a Fab Barbeque.
And then all little Angels have to get ready for bed.....with a nice warm bottle.....Aaaaaah!
And so back to reality-our Canine Lodger is still with us bless his little Paws,but the great news is that our friend is OUT of that is Absolutely Fabulous news. Still a long way to go on the road to Recovery but Fabulous all the same.
Have you been Watching "The Paradise"?!-we have been Excitedly glued since it started, trying in ernest to spot any of our Antique Silk & Lace Bonnets but havn't seen them yet-the programme is well worth watching anyway-I just LOVE  period Dramas-don't you?!
And so after waving Farewell to the Family it was back to Business as usual-I simply havn't had TIME to list all these lovely finds from last week and before that yet, never MIND this weekend's haul-I'm going to disappear in that stockroom one of these days when it all Avalanches on top of me!
I have some really Fabulous Textiles coming up and plenty of items for every pocket and Taste from the Extra Large to the extra small.....I adore these Antique 19th Century Neyret Freres Silk Stevengraphs I found recently-they are so fascinating.......and so Superbly Woven..

 and the Huge Boutis is one of my Favourites-this would keep you SOOOO Warm on a Winter's Evening!

The Renaissance stylised Design is Magnificent.............

I am so tired now I will bring this to a close-but after Walking our legs off around five Brocantes in One day this weekend I'm not really that surprised with myself-I'm definitely not getting any younger! Yawn..........x

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