Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Spy Who Loved Me.........................

Honestly-I go off on my merry little own down one aisle of the Brocante and my other half goes down the other end & proposes to meet at the Buffet  in half an hour for an Espresso.......little do I realise he's SPYING on me.......
(Spot the Blonde who's clutching those Antique Tiebacks VERY tightly before someone else gets their mawlers on  them)......THE CHEEK of it!
Well my friendly Brocanteuse turned up at the very same Village we visted this weekend-she specialises in Vintage Linens of all descriptions and was just unloading a Box of recent Chateau finds when I spotted them & literally dived on them plus a few more special Morceaux of Passementerie Trims...oooh I was in my Elements!

My other half thought it quite amusing how tightly I clutched them whilst being tempted by a million and one other things from her stall........I personally thought the guy standing behind me in the blue ankle socks was even MORE amusing...............!
Anyway-they are divine,all Shabby,Faded and full of Charm and are on site today-havn't come across any as nice for quite some time.I find the Faded Grandeur of what once might have been has so much more character than today's modern copies-don't you? Who wants perfect anyway??!!

As for the Passementerie Trim, such Ornate Gorgeousness is soooo scarce to find-these Metallic Threads are just Beautiful.....

Soooooo nice-it deserves just to be Admired-FAR too nice to use!.....

 and after we'd met for a Coffee I left my other hald AGAIN...and toddled off to discover the largest haul of Antique Textiles on another stall I have come across in YEARS.....I really don't know where I am going to find the time to list it all-suffice to say I cleared the poor woman out!!She'd almost got an empty stall by the time I'd phoned my darling SPY and asked him to meet me to carry it all back to the van.....he was muttering all the way as there WAS rather a lot! Lots of beautiful items will be coming your way as soon as I have the energy to list it all!
As for Roger the Lodger-he is still here bless him.....

making himself quite at home thankyou very much-he's adorable....
and the BEST news EVER is that our friend has had his Transplant and after a few scary weeks where it was touch and go,he's now on the road to recovery-we all know this because after making great progress from almost permanent sedation-he asked for a Banana Milkshake and a Big Mac!!!!
A Bientot my friends-have a lovely evening,see you soon!


  1. Ooh I would LOVE to get my mawlers on some of those treasures!
    What a life - flitting like a butterfly from brocante to brocante - stopping for a coffe and pastries - a supportive partner - can life get any better than that!!!

    I managed only two brocantes while in France recently - I was up to my eyes and ears with 3 darling granddaughters!


  2. I meant to ask - do you have an online shop?
    I would appreciate knowing!!!

    1. Hi Shane-yes,life is quite nice with all these Brocantes in this beautiful Rural area-unfortunately scaling down somewhat for the Winter which is why I'm spending more & more of his money!Well a girl has to stock up on delights for her customers doesn't she?!We do not have an on-line shop at this stage unfortunately-just our Auction site for now but you never know what the future might bring!We are always looking into other avenues........