Monday, 3 September 2012

Roger the Lodger & a little Princess..............

It's been all go at this end since last week-we became carers overnight to this divine handsome creature above due to sad circumstances when our dear friend in Normandy was rushed back to hospital in the UK & cutting a long & complicated story very short, is now awaiting a Transplant operation. Life is never predictable that's for sure-difficult situations can arise at a moment's notice and we simply just have to adapt!

He is a 10 month old puppy believe it or not and we don't know we've got him-compared to our hooligans- he's an absolute angel! I am besotted with his gentleness & totally sweet nature-he's simply adorable.
But it has had to be business as usual and he has had to fit into our routine which meant off we went on our treasure hunt as per usual this weekend-one massive two-dayer was on the cards and I've walked my little legs off searching for the unusual for you all.....
Up at the crack of dawn AGAIN, and one of the first arrivals  in the carpark.......


When I say I walked my little legs off-I nearly lost my toes to frostbite in the process aswell-nobody warned me how COLD it was at that unearthly hour! Brrrrrr!!
Day two and I was better prepared-we even took the camping stove and had an Espresso in the van to warm us up first!

No matter how hard I try to organise us-we always manage to find the heavy bulky items first and end up trudging back to the van with our arms falling off due to the weight!....It's worth it though...!!

and guess who found this Stunning Porcelaine Coffee Set the furthest distance from the Carpark?!
I have worked in Pottery & Porcelaine all my life-but I still get goosebumps finding pieces as gorgeous as this! Divine.......just divine.

I just get a buzz when I find beautiful objects such as these-I actually HATE parting with them!
Talking of beautiful things-my Granddaughter became a Princess for  a day at a family Wedding back in the UK....

how STUNNING did she look?!

I'm going to have to start searching now for some pretty impressive Waterproof makeup for my son's Wedding next year or I will look like the Panda-in Law!

Well due to the fact that his lordship is out and the dogs know I'm a pushover-they're asking for their dinner an hour early and not taking no for an answer so I'm off for now.......Bonsoir!

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