Friday, 14 September 2012

I need more hours in a Day!

I must admit-I love the excitement of an early morning arrival at a Brocante.....but I'm just sooooo tired lately-I have so much to do in a day & there just doesn't seem to be enough hours! 

We're now fully paid up members of the "Torch" brigade...........well how else am I suppose to see anything at this unearthly hour of the morning?! Mine's Red (for Liverpool FC) and the other half has a Blue one (closest colour he could find for Leeds United)......UGH!-you won't catch me touching THAT!

The Buffet getting set up is always a Welcome sight........!
We usually toddle off-both in opposite directions to each other-and meet back for a Drink & a bite to eat!.....

We were parked up in a town the other day & whilst sitting in the van waiting for said other half to come back from the parking ticket machine I noticed this door....not a very unusual or decorative door at all..

But if you look more closely...........

What a lovely old handle!
Anyway-I havn't got much to say today because I am working off a different computer thismorning- busy getting prepared for when my Family arrives in a few weeks and all my new pictures are on the Laptop but I will sign in again soon with some delights for your perusal.
I love being a Nanny because I get to play with the things I buy for my little princess Mrs.Potatoe Head....don't you just LURV her outfit....ha ha....

I'm particularly taken with her Sunvisor and matching earrings.....!
Erin loves anything to do with Toy Story or Disney-her favourite being Minnie Mouse so we've been busy searching for toys amongst other things...A  Bientot-see you very soon!

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