Monday, 12 May 2014

Striking more ways than One!

Nothing could have prepared us for Esto's latest Conquest.........
Thursday was yet another Bank Holiday here in France and we travelled north to just outside of Paris to the Chateau Flins sur Seine where the 41st National D'Elevage Championship Show of the Dobermann Club de France was being held in the grounds.
Dita and Esto were both Entered in their respective Open Classes-Adult Female Black and Adult Male Black as they are now 3 yrs and 2 yrs old this year.
The French Title of Champion is one of the hardest to achieve in Europe within the Dobermann Breed as it comprises of both Beauty and Working Qualifications.There are only two chances per year to gain the CACS-One of such requirement  awards for the title-at the National Show & the Championnat Show. 
Esto not only won his Class with an Excellent A Grading-the highest achievable but went on to challenge all the other class winners to win the CACS! To say we are thrillaed is an absolute understatement

It's been heavy going lately.......!
Apart from carrying it all back to the van-Try polishing that lot!
We've been to some really lovely places over the past few weeks.....makes work all that more pleasant in such lovely surroundings....

By 7.30am we're always ready for a sit down and an Espresso and Croissant! Whew! Sometimes we have to walk for seemingly MILES back to the van laden with goodies-it's tiring stuff this!
We have some lovely new finds plus LOTS of stock-so time permitting it will be listed as soon as we can but we have lots of projects going on at the same time and seem to be running round like headless chickens lately.Thanks so much for our customer E-mails,it's really touching some of the things you say (special thanks to Susan and Maggie for your very kind words) and we are very grateful for all your continued support  and appreciation of what we try to achieve for you in the form of choice.......x

some of the delights coming your way and/or currently available-message us for details....:0)

I'm off now for a cup of Rosy Lea.......yes can you believe the French are catching on to the fact that Yorkshire Tea is the best brew! This was our breakfast yesterday morning........


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