Thursday, 29 May 2014

Up with the Lark...(and a few Deer en-route)......!

It was an early morning Rise today,up with the Lark and a few Deer en-route,-as if it wasn't enough having one  leaping across the road  infront of the van on occasion whilst driving to the first Brocante of the day,but there was this rather Large Face waiting to greet us when we got there........!

It was very pleasant today,but it so seemed like any other Sunday morning-except it was Thursday.......
Now it doesn't take a lot to confuse this blonde at silly o'clock but I just kept forgetting all day that it wasn't the weekend and we still have that to look forward to! Yawn.......zzzzzzzzzzzz

I just love strolling around as the sun rises,all nice and calm and peaceful,birds singing,taking my time just browzing in boxes and on Tables.....finding all sorts of bits and pieces....LOVE it!

This was the view from the "Office Window" as we climbed back in the van and set off to the next one.......:0)
Having chosen our items from the first Brocante and having had a break inbetween for an Espresso and an Apple Turnover freshly baked,dusted with Icing Sugar & still warm...mmmmm, we stopped en-route as always for the fur-babies to stretch their legs .......this forest was just perfect,and James, John's youngest son who's come to stay with us for a few weeks, took the Russian Princess for a stroll...........

Some lovely Textiles yet again today...what IS it with me and Textile lately?!

I have some gorgeous Fabrics,Lace and Passementerie Trims coming up as soon as I get chance to photograph it all, inbetween waiting for that all important call from the UK  telling me my second Grandchild is on its' way,only a week to go now till the due-date and it's getting very the pair of them dared to risk flitting off to the Lake District last weekend to a friend's wedding so close to their own impending arrival is beyond me!....but didn't they look gorgeous....?!
Anyway,it's been scorchio here again today and Esto decided it was time for the shades to come out.......

our friend thought it was so funny (erm.... Dad didn't when he realised he was running round the garden with his best Oakleys hanging round his neck)...that she created this new Image for him...and with that I bid you farewell until next time.....Au Revoir!

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