Friday, 13 June 2014

A New Princess is Born...........!!

Oh I am such a proud Nana! This time little Nolah Ruth arrived 4 days early instead of the 5 WEEKS infront that Erin decided to land in this world 3 years ago! So I had booked a flight ON the due date so she was there all ready and waiting for me when I arrived in the UK!

How'z THAT for timing..........!
I have been in the UK for a week,and I can't believe how it has just flown was really lovely to spend quality time with my family...and we managed a daytrip to my Mum & Dad's in North Wales to introduce the new arrival..My daughter-in-law was back at home less than 24 hrs after giving birth,they wanted to keep me in a week 34 years ago!-My How thing have changed!
So here is Three generations all sat together!
Of course my mum went a bit beserk with the cooking...the desserts were to die for....(oh my poor diet!)

and so while the cat's away the mice will being wheeler-dealers! Whilst I'm doing my Nana  duties to the best of my ability, John and son are tootling around the Brocantes in my absence-to say I wasn't a little bit jealous would be fibbing!

Sightseeing along the way...

I wish he could have dismantled this door and brought it home for me as a photo prop....don't think the owner would have been too pleased but it's SO shabby & chic!

So I have a lot of catching up to do after a week away but I can honestly say we have SO much stock it won't be a problem..We have some unusual Lampbases-we just now need to source some suitable Shades,and I can't get in our stockroom for Textiles-it's a bit overwhelming at times,lots of  Toussled Tiebacks,etc
All my fur babies have been good for Dad while I have been away and our stunning Russian Princess will soon reach her First Birthday already! 

She's a sweet and beautiful Creature with a wonderful disposition and we love her to bits.

and so it's Au Revoir for now-wishing you all a wonderful weekend-there's going to be Sun and Lots of Brocantes to choose from here and our finds will be on  Site along with present stock soon!

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