Tuesday, 19 June 2012

International Invisibility continues...........................

It's really becoming quite tiresome-this monopoly which Ebay seem to have over the whole world of Internet Shopping........try as we might we just don't seem to be getting any sense out of the so-called Customer Support Team-infact,it seems weird when each different Support Team member you speak to knows less than the previous one about why we suddenly are not allowed to have International Visibility when we have happily sold to our American and Worldwide friends without problems seemingly forever.
SO-Please don't be offended when we don't pop up on the USA,Canadian,Australian sites anymore with our goodies-it just seems that apparently most Ebay Sellers have been demoted,without any warning whatsoever, to that "bit at the very bottom of the page" where you have to scroll down into the dungeons for "all other sellers" products......Ebay and their infinite wisdom eh? We just suggest if you like us and like the treasures & trinkets we work very hard to source & bring to you from all over France-add us as a Favourite Seller-that way you won't miss any new items coming up for your perusal & won't end up going on a Magical Mystery Tour of Ebay sites trying to find us!
 Sunday morning the dogs (or should I say Esto the Pesto Pup in particular ) had us up bright & early at 5am wanting to go out for a wee (grrrr) we decided it was now or never-stay up,get ready & tootle off to our Local Annual Brocante in the grounds of Chateau Javarzay......yawn-first stop,the Buvette for an essential Espresso to keep sustain the eyelids open & keep us awake-John was watching intently as to what size piece of Brioch they were cutting for

It's very quiet before the sun comes up-trestle tables are still mostly covered at that unearthly hour.............
then again-some are not!......................

oh how I wish I could win the Lottery and buy a Castle......!

or even just a Turret?!
We can but dream.................(sigh)
Anyway-we have found more beautiful Treasures,so they will be coming your way soon-in the meantime,I shall retire to my Boudoir as I am jetting back to the UK again in a few days to do my own house clearance.......I need all the sleep I can get for that one I can tell you-(I should be on one of those Hoarder Programs on TV-I am the perfect candidate!) so Bonsoir for now!.....


  1. I have had the same experience with Ebay - all is well when it functions but when there is a problem there is really nobody that would look into the problem and be able to solve it... The support teams and discussion boards seem to be full of people that just want to discuss/complain about things - without knowing anything about the subject! I hope things get solved eventually and I hope you survive the house clearance, too! :-)

  2. Yes - we have even had an email from Ebay blaming us 'for not emptying our cache'!

    Ebay just don't get it at all - how many sellers have built up businesses over the years, supporting Ebay - and paying their wages - it makes me so mad. Grrr!

    I am hoping it is a techie glitch but have a sinking feeling that this is the status quo and we will all have to open a shop in each country.