Monday, 23 July 2012

Leaving the past behind.....................

After a long and arduous week where I simply could not have achieved anything at all without the help and sheer hard work of my fabulous friends, the house in the UK is finally cleared and I stepped off the doorstep for the last time after 32 years I regret it? Obviously a little sad to leave a home where I raised my son single-handedly & all the memories both good & bad which that entailed over the years, but happy to be moving on because the area is simply not what it was anymore and I would rather remember the good rather than the not so good!
The hardest wrench has been leaving my gorgeous Granddaughter who is growing up so very fast......even learning to cook already at 18 months!......
Insisiting I need to be fed "cabbage" quite regularly!
It is amazing how quickly she is picking up words so you have to be VERY careful what you say these days!

She is absolutely adorable and I could eat her-never mind the cabbage!!
Well I stepped off the plane into a blanket of warmth and sunshine yesterday at Limoges Airport-a bit different to when I landed a week earlier at John Lennon Airport in Liverpool to a blanket of gloom,doom and Rain!-and even worse,I discovered I had just missed the entire Liverpool Football team setting off for their tour of America-I MISSED Steven Gerrard....grrrrrrrr!
My two handsome guys were waiting to greet me at the Airport this time....I couldn't get a look in at baby Esto as he was surrounded by adoring fans-everyone's a sucker for a gorgeous puppy I guess! John had to make do with a quick peck on the cheek whilst Esto got loads of hugs!
Anyway,after an hour and a half travelling home,a quick cuppa and a sandwich-it was business as usual and I got dragged off by yours truly to our local Brocante where the temperature was steadily creeping higher & higher but we found some delightful bits to tempt you with over the coming week so its back to the grindstone-our site has become seriously depleted while I have been away but if you bear with me-we will be up and running back to full speed in a few days!
It's good to be back!-A Bientot!!

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