Monday, 30 July 2012


There's something calming and peaceful to be said for getting up at the crack of dawn to search for treasure.....arriving at quiet little villages in the early hours and hardly daring to slam the door of the van shut for fear of waking the residents who may still be asleep whilst others have been busy mulling around from 4 or 5am in the morning setting their stalls up or organisers of these events laying cables for microphones to announce what is going on or introduce entertainment....they really are important social gatherings for many-Annual Events looked forward to by the masses....we love them!
If we are going to be travelling a few hours to our destination the dogs stay at home-difficult to prise them from their beauty sleep at some unearthly hour-they usually prefer snoozing till midday anyway when we are at home! But if only a stone's throw from where we live-we take them with us,-then it is a case of different sniffs and smells for them and good socialisation for Esto Puppy who loves his meet and greet duties and usually finds someone to fall in love with him..! Dita just wants to mug everyone with kisses, but from on her hind legs which is pretty daunting for most French people when she is taller than them on two legs!

Tranquility,Serenity-it really is quite therapeutic! Thesr's aways somewhere close by to exercise Dita and Esto's legs......!

and then to business........finding treasure!

The Fabulous Tassles on this Magnificent Curtain Pelmet have a Regal Air about them don't you think? They remind me of Scepters & Crowns...........

The Fabric even portrays Hanging Tassles to match.....!!

And to find one of these Provincial Stone Oil Pots in one piece-handles still intact is a Rarity-but with its' original Corks still in place is unbelievable!

The unique patternation and markings including drips are incredible......what a marvelous addition for any Garden or Hearth this would make...

and this enormous size is quite Fantastic!
and of course it wouldn't be right if there wasn't some doggy influence...who could resist these Art-Deco Terrier Bookends??!!-certainly not me,I definitely couldn't have walked off and left them behind-isn't he GORGEOUS!!
I've named him Blog Dog!
This quite incredible Paris Amber Apothecary Bottle with inbuilt infuser is a super find for any Discerning Collector..
and of course there are more delights over the coming week so keep your eyes peeled and don't miss a trick!

Au Revoir!

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