Monday, 6 August 2012

View from the office window.................

Not many folk can say that the view from the "office" window is this good.......
The "office" being the four-wheeled one we travel about in to go searching for treasure....the view above was actually on our way home at around 8.30am..

The view at 6.00 was more like this as we approached yet another stunning location for a Brocante in the Vienne Department on Saturday morning.....

as the sun comes up more Villagers arrive to set up the stalls..

and we had quite a productive morning for which we rewarded ourselves with yet another creation from the Patisserie-I will NEVER lose weight living here!
On the way home,along winding lanes we passed some lovely scenery..
Every bridge or "Pont" we drove over was decked with the most amazing floral basket displays-a profusion of glorious colour set against the backdrop of a beautiful River...
some dwellings actually looked like they were IN the river!....

Yes,we love this place of work.....!
We have had a very busy weekend all in all,taking in a Dog Show in Bretagne along the way,but this-afternoon we are off to do a house clearance which may or may not prove exciting, so time permitting-see you soon!


  1. Lovely photos! Is it L'Isle Jourdain? If it is, this is one of our favourite places - SO pretty...but alas a little far for us to visit often.

  2. Thanks Carol!-yes you are spot on-it IS L'isle-Jourdain,such a wonderfully pretty place!