Thursday, 9 August 2012

Another Successful weekend with the "kids".....!

We travelled North for four hours early on Sunday morning  for the Dobermann Club de France's Regionale Show at Malestroit in Bretagne-WHAT a stunning venue!

It never ceases to amaze me the beautiful places we get to visit on our travels either to Brocantes with our work, or to Dog Show venues with the babies-not so much babies anymore,-Dita now coming up to 16 mths  and baby Esto coming up to 16 weeks!
Whilst stuck in a very tight corner trying to FIND this venue and John sweating doing a difficult three-point turn in the van and nearly ending up in the canal, I just HAD to get the camera out and take a picture of this house we were struggling infront of!...needless to say John was not amused......!!

The venue was set at the side of a Canal -inbetween it and  a Weir on the opposite side-surrounded by huge trees,-absolutely glorious! When we arrived,very early morning there were fishermen in full swing.....

Everywhere around was a profusion of colourful blooms.....
 The showground was just wonderful-peaceful and tranquil in the warm sunshine-occasionally disrupted by a little bit of expected barking but what the heck-we WERE at a Dogshow!

and in the midst of this wonderful place Dita did us proud by winning 1st & Graded Excellent-in the Jeune Femelle class. She later challenged the other Jeune class winners to become "Meilleur Jeune"-Best Junior in Show! Little Esto got his first taste of success by bringing home a "Baby Trophy" for winning 2nd in the Baby Class with a top grading of TP-Very Promising-and at just 16 weeks we were very pleased! So we are slowly running out of space and think we might have to invest in a Cabinet-Three trophies in one weekend is quite some feat!!

Meanwhile,the previous day at L'isle-Jourdain, I discovered these stunning and very Rare "Luneville" hand-decorated Storage Jars from the early 1900's-all Hand Enamelled and in the most Exquisite Turquoise colourway......unfortunately only two are undamaged but all four will be available on site. I literally felt myself becoming mobbed by dealers as soon as I spotted them being unwrapped from old newspaper and expressed my interest-hands were appearing from all directions to grab each of the others but I had my hand firmly on the first one and firmly stood my ground so they all had to back down!They were MINE!
I'm sure you'll agree-they are pretty special-even with some damage and are all fully useable despite I am busy photographing them and all the other new finds for your until next time-Au Revoir!!