Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Whew-this is HOT!...................

This past week has been SO HOT I havn't felt like doing ANYTHING.....Lazy I know but intense heat saps the energy levels and apart from roadwalking the dogs at 7am in the wonderful cool air,and riding my bike afterwards for half an hour-that has been me done and dusted for the rest of the day.
The house has been like a combination of a Greenhouse and Oven-The dogs have been doing their impressions of dying flies on the floor everywhere and puppy Esto has been following me everywhere panting his head off as if to say-"help me I can't stand it!"
Whilst part of the reason we came to live in France was to get away from the dreary and depressive English weather-a bit of rain would actually have been a welcomed sight-but no such luck. Here in the Poitou-Charentes it has been a constant 100 degrees for almost a week-unbearable!
I have loved my time going to the Brocantes very early morning though,because we have been able to buy comfortably in the cool breeze then come home bfore the sun has gotten silly!
I bought this delightful Garden set above for MYSELF on my travels last week-I have always wanted one but this is beautiful and I just HAD to have it-but as one smart-arse friend pointed out when he saw it-scorched bum!!-yes,he has a point I suppose but in the cool of the morning or evening it is divine to sit out and enjoy a Tasse de Cafe......

Back in England my beautiful Granddaughter Erin went to Sealife in Birmingham for the first time-thought I would share this photo with you.......I just love it! She is coming out on holiday soon with my son and daughter-in-Law-can't wait to spend some quality time with them........
Meanwhile we are starting to accumilate stock for the Winter months to put by while the weather and season comes to an end and Brocantes will become thin on the ground so I just love going into our stock and being able to pick and choose what to tempt you with....
Found a beautiful Art-Deco Limoges Coffee-set recently-I am addicted to Porcelaine and China having worked in the Industry most of my this shape..

This is so ultimately Shabby-Chic with its' delighful little flowerBuds.....don't you think?!
And then I found these....whilst not Vintage I just fell in love with them...sparkling diamante Eiffel Towers!...

wonderful for adding a bit of Shabby-Chic bling to any home!
Anyway-whilst it is still cool,I'm off to walk Esto and Dita before they give me a nervous breakdown with their pestering! So keep an eye on our site-still many more delights over the coming days.......Au Revoir!


  1. Yes, it has been awfully hot and unrelenting! I'm fine until it hits 30 degs, but it hasn't dropped below this for over a week. Until today perhaps - we're due some rain. Yay!

    Love the photo of your grandaughter - if she is visiting soon, the aquarium in La Rochelle is worth going to, our kids absolutely loved it.

    1. thanks for that Carol-they want to go to La Rochelle again so we will have to hope it's still open at that time as it will be end of September when they are here...x