Tuesday, 28 January 2014


 Having both been struck down with the dreaded Lurgy for well over a week we had to eventually give in and visit the Doctor's surgery last weekend...we cannot believe how debilitating flu and bronchitis can be which is what we were diagnosed with,so our kitchen table now resembles a Pharmacy but slowly and surely we are clawing our way back to health but it really has been a nightmare both of us being ill at the same time.

 The previous weekend saw us fighting fit and attending our first dogshow of 2014 in Bordeaux with our Handsome boy Esto.The girls were entered NFC (Not for competition) but came along for the ride and for the benefit of the adoring Public who visit these events in their droves,curious about all the different breeds of Dog on Exhibition. The baby Russian Princess did a meet & greet around the show after Judging in our breed was finished and captured the hearts of so many people it took us ages to walk more than 10 feet at a time before being stopped by the  inquisitive  and appreciative dog-loving members of  the Public who were all in awe of her beauty and gentle disposition-we were very very proud of her and how she conducted herself-good practise for her First Show which is booked and coming up in another country where she is allowed to be exhibited with her cropped ears.....Meanwhile Esto pulled out all the stops and came home with the coveted First Prize in the Intermedaire Male class with a grading of Excellent again from the Judge who also decided he was so magnificent he awarded him the Ultimate Best Male in Breed and CACS & CACIB! This is his second such award in as many shows and he needs two more for his International Champion Title-so needless to say,we were thrilled AGAIN!!

He never ceases to amaze us or make us so very Proud......meanwhile we are preparing to go and visit Mini-Esto later who takes his first munch on solid foods thisafternoon so that will be fun.......hopefully we will get some more Voila!(as if by magic),here he is.........almost 4kgs fat!!

He fell flat on his face out of the weighing scales bowl the instant the camera shutter clicked as he is far too big for it really now...and we all fell about laughing as it was soooo funny- the first solid feed went down a treat but he still wanted mummy's milk straight after he'd had a taste of big boy food....bless him.If ever I was going to become a Dog is now-I just wanted to put him under my coat and come home with him,he's so truly GORGEOUS.......!

who could resist that face?!
We forgot all about how poorly we felt when we saw him-he made everyone smile and lifted us all for the rest of today, it was just a shame we had to leave him and come home!We all have high hopes for this little man who is looking very promising at this tender age...even more so than dare we say.his Father did! We shall see how he progresses over the coming weeks but it's looking good!
Anyway-we have been rooting away in our stockroom whilst illness has prevented us from venturing out and further afield on buying trips and have found lots of lovely stuff we'd forgotten we'd even bought last year, so lots of treasure coming your way......
like this Stunning Murano Glass Vintage French Wedding Tiara.....
lots of Ormolu...Garnitures,Phot Frames etc............

This weekend sees us off on a complete Band New Adventure which we will tell you all about on our until then,we wish you all a good "Rest of the Week" et Bon Weekend yourselves when it gets here! Au Revoir for now............!

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