Thursday, 2 January 2014

Out with the Old & In with the New...Happy New Year!

 We hope you have all had a Wonderful Christmas and have celebrated the New Year with Zest!

We have had a great Festive time with family and Friends but now it's time to knuckle down and get back to the serious stuff-work! Parcels started leaving again for Worldwide destinations yesterday & the Russian Princess puppy came with us for some socialisation and to meet the staff......she also had a walk around the Village and we were stopped on numerous occasions to enquire where she had come from with her cropped ears as folk know they ended the practise here in France a few years ago although Tail Docking is still legal here....though not in the UK for some five years since.
Her ears are coming along nicely....note her Blingy Pink Collar she had delivered from Santa......only the best for the Princess!.....

Sunday morning saw us out and about again truffling for Treasures in the early hours...we never really stop!

First stop when we arrived was of course for an Espresso.....and perhaps a Pastry to wake us if we havn't gorged ourselves enough over Christmas as it is!....but when you're facing this lot at the counter,it's kind of hard to resist-even if it IS only 7am........!!

Mmmmmmmmmm!!New Year's Resolution is of course-the same as every year and a Million other people-to go on a serious DIET!

Some lovely items are finding their way onto the site this week.....A seemingly strong Religious theme reigns at the moment methinks! We have a few more rather select and unique items in this Subject for listing this week so keep your eyes peeled...
with some interesting other pieces thrown in for good measure.....

I spotted this New Year's Eve image the other day so slipped it in for good measure...wonderful,circa.1930's....meanwhile,back to the French Finds...

A wondeful Old Wooden Box with Fabulous Graphics!

I'm running round like a Headless chicken (or maybe Turkey?) this week so this is all for the moment except to say,thankyou for your Custom throughout 2013-We hope our Carefully Chosen treasures will continue to brighten your homes as the many wonderful messages and Photographs you send us have shown-THANKYOU!
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