Saturday, 11 January 2014

The "Special One"......

This very special little man made his way into the big wide world smack bang on my Birthday! How's THAT for timing! He is the first born Male puppy son of our Esto,so he is very special indeed! A small select & well respected Dobermann Kennel here in France,breeding for Quality not quantity & producing no less than 6 Full French Champions in as many consecutive years, chose our boy to be the sire of their next litter,so it has been an exciting time over New Year and we feel highly honoured! Our boy has done us so proud over the past twelve months in the Showring here in France-this was just the icing on the cake.This gorgeous little guy is already booked and the breeder has a wonderful home lined up for him in Paris where he too will be Exhibited & worked,as full French Champions require working qualifications here in France.We are excited at this future prospect carrying on the bloodlines from our boy and feel that all our hard work of training and exhibiting is beginning to pay off.....such a sweet little man he is...
Gimme five!
The reflection of light on his sleek shiny black fur gave him a kind of motif on his head-look he's already a STAR!!
Well talk about distracted!-with all this excitement,we almost forgot to get cracking with work! But we have been rooting around in our stock and finding allsorts we have forgotten about which has been stashed for a Rainy Day-and there's certainly been plenty of those recently!.......I HATE RAIN and feeling Blue,talking of which,we do seem to have a Blue theme going on with our Fabrics at the moment....!

 and the Blue theme continues with this gorgeous Fleur de Lis shaped Reliquary Cameo of Mary Magdalene....with Stunning Handpainted & Enamelled detailing....
Meanwhile the Russian Princess has been out and about socialising and feeling less homesick when we found these Christmas Trees and Ice-Rink still on display on our travels which made it feel a little more like Moscow for her......!

They don't seem to want to take their Christmas decorations down in France at ALL!
Everywhere we've been over the last week there are still twinkling lights and sparkly decorations flashing away...oh well,maybe they are trying to make it last through until next year to save taking them all down!
I hope you have all recovered from the festivities of late-if you are anything like me,I now need to drop a few dress sizes,but hey,we still have Christmas Pudding in the cupboard to finish off yet!........

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