Sunday, 20 November 2011

Before Sunrise..............................

My first Sunday back from the UK & I got turfed out of bed mega-early by my other half thismorning with......"come on-hurry up-it takes you forever to get ready" blurry-eyed I crawled into a warm dressing gown & downed a lovely cup of Yorkshire Tea (can you TELL I've been back to England?!) to wake myself up with. With seemingly no time to spare, the minute I was washed & dressed,off we embarked south to Angouleme. The orange Sun was creeping through the blackness as we arrived & off we tootled, the puppy in tow-(who was equally wondering what she was being dragged round at that unearthly hour for)...for a first scan of what might be uncovered as the trestle tables were still being brought out of the vans..................

We purchased some nice bits & pieces,and Dita got lots of nice comments & strokes, though after her initial enthusiasm to meet new people got the better of her,we decided it was safer to put her back to bed for a while before she brought somebody's precious display table down or worse. Centred around a market square & superb Ancient Église, the clear blue sky eeventually merged when the sun rose & cast its' warm glow over everyone present and it has been another beautiful November day!......


  1. What a lovely ray of sunlight against the old church! I wonder what the yellow-leaf plant is by the church side... I wish you happy November days out there, really miss the French early-winter cold but bright days :-)
    Cheers from Silja from the cold-and-foggy Finland

  2. Thankyou Silja-we certainly don't envy the cold & fog,it sounds too much like England! but we bet you have some spectacular scenery over there in Finland-Did you used to live in France at some time in the past?

  3. Well, in England you certainly don't reach the minus temperatures we have here in Finland when it gets the worst! I love gardening but my magnolias keep dying during wintertime (the camelias stay inside in pots)... I lived just outside Paris in Boulogne-Billancourt some ten years ago and I have some friends near the west coast, and I still visit France occasionally. There are many brocante fairs in and outside Paris every week-end and they are worth a visit (just avoid the center-of-the-city tourist crowds)!