Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Breathing New Life into Old Treasure..................

We had a welcome phonecall at the weekend from a wonderful dear old French Lady who became one of our very best friends when we first arrived here in France, to invite us for dinner. She was, and still is, a Brocanteuse & unbelievably still works the Antiques markets & Fairs at the tender age of 74 yrs, going out in all weathers with her trusty dog at her side-she is quite amazing. She once owned her own large roadside Brocante where she lived in Normandy before moving south & her wonderful home here is like a treasure trove of history & memories of her past life. Whilst we were there she asked if we were interested in purchasing some Textiles from her, as she had too much stock & would never get round to selling it all herself-WOULD WE EVER???!!! Oh my-it was like all our Christmases had come at once!! I literally sat on the floor of her Chambre, surrounded by  a mountain of  material,lace,curtains,vetements,& things I had never seen before, her various cats making an apperance from time to time to see whatever was going on,whilst we squeeled with laughter at some of the items we uncovered which had sat neatly folded in Armoirs for many years. There were lots of  giggles at some of the undergarments,corsets etc-My other half stood at the top of the stairs taking boxes full which we had trawled through & chosen, back to the van.We had a wonderful time in such wonderful company-she is a true darling of a Lady who rambles on to us at great speed in French, forgetting we are not (& never WILL be) fluent, but despite us only having a limited vocabulary ourselves, we all eventually grasp the conversation as she slows down & reverts to some English once again.We did not need to venture out this weekend, so we stayed at home and have been sorting through our Textile treasure-as you will see over the coming weeks.We took some photos whilst we were there-she is so lucky to live opposite &  facing a wonderful Chateau which lies empty for the most part of the year-just occasionally visited by its' Parisian owners to keep it ticking over....what a waste,we would SO love to live there.......!!

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