Saturday, 19 November 2011


Having just returned from a week's visit to the UK, I am in somewhat of a reflective mood was brilliant to see my young family-especially my gorgeous Grand-daughter who I was so glad hadn't forgotten me since her short holiday here in September & who greeted me by now crawling up to me at a great speed & shouting "hyeee"-with a big smile on her face.That in itself is just priceless.Of course I missed my other half-left here on his own to babysit all the animals including Dita-who is doing a great impersontion of the "puppy from hell" at the moment,-enough to try the patience of a saint as they say,but it was lovely to visit friends,parents,go shopping,etc.Then there was the serious business of work which has unfortunately taken a back seat this week as we have only been able to list just a few new items during my stay in England. But today,back in sunny warm France,I feel revitalised,full of enthusiasm & I am going to get started and make a concerted effort to catch up & bring you all a whole new "choix" of new and interesting French Finds over the coming week which we have been storing up during the summer-ready for the Winter Months ahead-so have a good rummage and find something different,unusual or uniquely French to pop in that Xmas stocking for your loved ones!A Bientot!!

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