Friday, 4 November 2011

Chatting with the neighbours..........................

Walking down the lane with the pup yesterday evening she spotted this small herd of ten handsome guys as she passed the entrance to the land at the back of our house which borders onto the farmer's field. She has never seen a cow close-up so I walked up to the fence & she was curious,but more bothered about what had been walking across the grass she was standing on. These Limousin cattle were quite a way away and I stood there pondering whilst watching Dita dart around like something gone daft.Imagine when I turned around and came face to face with all ten of them-who must have tiptoed across that field in double-quick time to come and investigate US because I never heard a THING! (and you can hear a pin drop in these parts it's so quiet!).

With only a barbed-wire fence inbetween us and ten yearlings-it was a bit daunting I can tell you....................but they did venture very tentatively for a sniff....!

I must admit-I'm a sucker for animals.
Anyway,I was rummaging in the "back room" today and found a bag full of Lace Collars I'd forgotten I'd acquired (last year or thereabouts) so have been busy photographing thismorning ready to tempt you with until then...A bientot!

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